Utility Consumers' Board (UCB)

About the Utility Consumers' Board (UCB)

The UCA has a statutorily created twelve-member Utility Consumers' Board (UCB). In accordance with recent legislation, seven of the members are appointed by the Governor of which at least one member of the seven appointments will be actively engaged in agriculture as a business, and at least two members of the seven appointments will be owners of small business with 100 or fewer employees. 

For the Governor's appointments, each of the Congressional districts in the state shall be represented, and no more than four Board members can be affiliated with the same political party.

For the four remaining seats, the President of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Minority Leader of the Senate, and the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives shall each appoint one member.

The Responsibilities of the UCB include:

Represent the public interest of Colorado utility users and specifically the interests of residential, agricultural, and small business users by providing general policy guidance  to the UCA and its director:

  • General policy guidance re: rate cases, rule-making proceedings, legislative projects, general activities, and priorities of the office.
  • Gather data and information and formulate policy positions to advise the UCA in preparing analysis and testimony on legislation.
  • It is the duty of the Attorney General to advise the UCA and the Board on all legal matters and to provide representation in proceedings in which the UCA participates.

The UCB is required by statute to meet six times each year.

Utility Consumers' Board Members

Howard Brooks 
Appointee of the Governor  - Colo. Springs (Expires 7/1/2023) 

Gwen Farnsworth 
Appointee of the Speaker of the House - Boulder (Expires 9/1/2023)

James Greenwood
Appointee of the President of the Senate  - Colo. Springs (Expires 7/1/2023)

Terry Hart
Appointee of the Governor  - Pueblo (Expires 7/1/2026) 

Shawn Martini
Appointee of the Minority Leader of the House - Centennial  (Expires 7/1/2024)

Susan McFaddin
Appointee of the Governor  - Adams (Expires 7/1/2026) 

Mark Miller
Appointee of the Governor - Northglenn (Expires 7/1/2023

Steve Shelton
Appointee of the Governor - Lamar (Expires 7/1/2023)

Gretchen Stanford
Appointee of the Governor - Ft. Collins (Expires 7/1/2024)

Bill Steele
Appointee of the Governor - Highlands Ranch (Expires 7/1/2023)

Sondra Young
Appointee of the Governor - Denver (Expires 7/1/2024)

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